SPECIAL: 10 Exterior Windows ONLY $97


Have a window screen or frame that is rusted or bent from the hard rain and heat of Las Vegas? Let the professionals at Optimum Window Cleaning give you a fast and affordable fix. We specialize in window screen and frame replacement. Our window screens are are custom-built, professionally installed, longer lasting, and usually cheaper than those you'll find at your local hardware store.

We recommend cleaning windows and screens a minimum of twice a year. Once in the Spring, to wash away all the holiday gunk that builds up during the rainy winter months, and again at the end of Summer to give your windows a rejuvenating wash after months of being out in the Vegas heat.

During the cleaning process, we'll notify you of any concerns that arise...as the Vegas heat does have a history of melting the cheap glue alternatives that many window manufacturers have been using as of late to cut down production costs.

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