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Already spend thousands of dollars on your new solar panel system? Then why not extend the PHOTOVOLTAIC EFFICENCY of your product? That's where Optimum Window Cleaning comes in. As a prior Air Force Aircraft Electrician I know the importance of preventive maintenance, and that's what we recommend a routine cleaning to lengthen the lifespan of your system.

Modern solar panels are made from silicon solar cells which are very delicate, that's why we DO NOT use any chemicals or detergents. The wrong chemicals can harm the solar glass and rubber seals that prevent drip lines between your solar panels. With angled telescopic poles, and soft nylon brush heads, we prevent streaking along the glass surface to keep your panels looking and performing at its best. AND, without the use of any chemicals or detergents, there is no residue left behind to attracts dirt, keeping your solar panels clean up to 10 times longer

As window cleaning professionals, we understand the importance of water preservation and we keep that in mind here at Optimum Window Cleaning. When it comes to servicing your solar panels, our "ZERO PURE" water system (w/zero impurities), allows us to use only the purest water while taking care of your investment. Each system is environmentally friendly and uses only a small fraction of the water that ordinary garden hoses would use. 

Lastly, our cleaning methods use only "temperature-matched" water while cleaning to prevent cracking and breaking. Solar panels are very fragile, and with the most up-to-date equipment, we are able to clean the anti-reflective coating with only minimal pressure, preventing any possibilities of damage along the way.

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